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Capturing the Action of a Fight: An Introduction to Boxing Photography

Updated: Mar 6

Boxing Photography

I am RayCee the Artist, a photographer who specializes in shooting sporting events (sports photography), including photographing boxing matches. I have shot many fights, mainly PBC boxing events, and I can tell you firsthand that capturing dynamic images during a fight is both challenging and rewarding. In this article, I will discuss what makes boxing photography so important and fun, what skills are necessary to do it right, and how boxing photography can be used in marketing (online and print).

Importance of Boxing Photography

Boxing Photography

Boxing photography is important in order to capture memories of key moments from thrilling boxing matches. It also allows us to capture amazing action shots that portray boxers at their physical peak, and document the highs and lows that are characteristic of boxing. The iconic boxing photo of Muhammad Ali standing over his fallen opponent, Sonny Liston, while screaming at him is an example of the contrasting emotions that are often captured in great boxing photography.

Boxing Photography

From dramatic knockout punches in the main event to intense staredowns before the bell rings, taking great photos of these moments can be incredibly rewarding and fun. Shooting ringside close ups of the fighters can produce boxing photos that go down in history as some of the most memorable sports images ever.

Skills Necessary for Boxing Photography

Boxing Photography

To master boxing photography requires practice and dedication. You need to understand how fighters move during a match and anticipate their next move so you can capture it on camera. Be prepared for the unexpected: Boxing matches are unpredictable, and anything can happen during the fight. Be prepared to move around the ring to get different angles and be ready to capture unexpected moments.

Other skills such as understanding lighting conditions and camera settings are also essential if you want your photos to look their best. You also need excellent equipment; most professional photographers use DSLRs or mirrorless cameras with telephoto lenses when shooting fights. Being able to think quickly and adapt to changing conditions is essential because opportunities for great shots are quick to come and go during a fight!

Camera Settings for Boxing Photography

Boxing Photography

When shooting ringside or anywhere around the boxing ring, a fast shutter speed (such as 1/2000th of a second) is necessary in order to freeze fast moving action (including sweat flying off the faces of the boxers).

A prime lens that can open wider than f 2.8 (such as f 1.8) can come in handy when shooting in low light conditions. (It will let more light into the lens and lets you avoid a high iso.) However, a prime lens will not allow you to zoom in and out. Also, in order to avoid lens flare from the arena lights, keep a lens hood in your camera bag, because it can come in handy to prevent lens flare.

When shooting the ring from further away, a telephoto lens/zoom lens is necessary in order to capture up close images of the boxers. When shooting further back and wanting to capture the entire ring setup, use a wide angle lens.

In order to capture the perfect moment and not miss a great shot during a boxing match, use burst mode during high action sequences after the boxing match begins. This will raise your chances of capturing/freezing the key moment/frame. Also, make sure to shoot RAW so that you can edit your boxing photos in the best way possible.

How Can Boxing Photography Be Used?

Boxing Photography

Boxing photography can be used in many ways - whether it's showcasing epic knockout punches on social media or creating photo galleries online featuring boxers preparing backstage before a fight - there are countless ways photographs taken during boxing matches can be used to bring attention to fighters or promote upcoming events. Additionally, images taken of fights can be used as stock imagery in magazines or websites covering sports news, or even used in marketing materials by fight promoters looking to draw attention to their events.


To sum it up – boxing photography is an exciting way to capture spectacular moments from thrilling boxing matches while promoting fighters at the same time! Whether you’re just starting out as a boxing photographer or an experienced one who's been at it for years, having mastery of certain skills such as understanding lighting conditions as well as using proper camera settings will help ensure that your boxing photos look amazing every time!

-RayCee the Artist

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