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Choosing the Perfect Maternity Photoshoot Dress

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Maternity Photoshoot Dress

If you are visiting this article, it is likely that you, or someone you know, is on the joyous journey of impending motherhood. Capturing this unique period in life through a maternity photoshoot is a popular practice, and choosing the ideal dress can significantly elevate the outcome of these cherished photographs.

The task of choosing the "perfect" maternity dress amongst the abundance of options can be overwhelming, but worry not, I am here to provide guidance. In will offer tips and insights into selecting a dress that not only compliments the aesthetic of your photoshoot but, most importantly, makes you feel comfortable and embodies your personal style. I hope that this article will assist you in discovering the ideal maternity photoshoot dress.

I am RayCee the Artist, a professional portrait photographer and event photographer. If you would like me to be your photographer for your maternity photoshoot, please contact me at! Also, feel free to read my articles "Maternity Photoshoot Ideas," "Maternity Outdoor Photoshoot," and "Maternity Photoshoot Poses."

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Understand Your Comfort

Maternity Photoshoot Dress

Comfort is queen. Remember, these photoshoots can take some time, so it's essential to wear a dress that doesn’t turn this wonderful experience into an ordeal. You're growing a whole new human inside you, which is an incredible feat, so you definitely deserve to be as comfortable as possible during your maternity photo shoot!

The best maternity dresses should feel soft against your skin during maternity photo shoots. Think natural fibers like cotton or bamboo, which are not only comfortable but also breathable. Satin can be another wonderful choice if you're going for a luxe look. And do not forget the stretch! You'll want a fabric that can adapt to your curves and highlight your beautiful, blooming belly without feeling restrictive.

Here are some popular choices for the material of maternity photoshoot dresses/pregnancy photoshoot dresses:


Cotton is an all-natural fabric, well-known for its breathability and softness, making it a great choice for maternity dresses.


A stretchy knit fabric like jersey is extremely comfortable due to its elasticity and soft texture. It can perfectly outline your silhouette, beautifully accentuating your baby bump.


For a more flowy, airy look, chiffon can be an excellent choice. It's lightweight and can add a whimsical effect to your photographs, especially in an outdoor setting.


If you're going for a more elegant, luxurious look, a satin maternity dress is a good choice. It's smooth, shiny, and drapes beautifully, adding a touch of sophistication to your pictures.


Lace maternity dresses are a fantastic choice if you're aiming for a classic, romantic look. It adds a touch of femininity and elegance, and the intricate patterns can be beautifully photographed. It's a popular choice for detailing on the dress or for the entire gown.

Consider the Style and Design

Maternity Photoshoot Dress

There's a vast world beyond the classic maxi dress. Maybe you fancy a chic boho dress with intricate lace detailing for that feminine touch? Or an off the shoulder gown that gives a hint of drama and elegance?

Form-fitting dresses can be a wonderful way to showcase your baby bump and capture this special time. If you're feeling adventurous, two-piece outfits or dresses with daring slits can add a fashion-forward spin to your pregnancy photos. And if your inner queen is calling, nothing says regal like long flowing gowns with a train.

The style should be quintessentially you. Are you all about that glamour? Or more of a minimalist at heart? Your dress should not only be flattering but also reflect your personality and style.

Color and Pattern Choices

Color and pattern choices are more than just picking a favorite shade or design; they're about curating a mood, an ambiance for your photoshoot. They can dictate the entire aesthetic of your pictures, so let's navigate this world of hues and prints together.

Making a Color Statement

Maternity Photoshoot Dress

Choosing the right color for your dress can be a delightful exploration. Think about the mood you want to create. Are you looking for a soft, romantic vibe? Consider pastels like blush pink, baby blue, or lilac. They provide an ethereal, dream-like quality to your photos, giving a gentle, serene ambiance.

Craving a bit more drama or intensity? Deep, rich colors like burgundy, emerald green, or navy blue can be incredibly striking, especially when contrasted with a lighter backdrop. They're bold, powerful, and bring a regal touch to your pictures.

For a classic, timeless look, neutrals can never steer you wrong. Whites, beiges, and grays are versatile, sophisticated, and work in harmony with any location or theme. A crisp white dress, for example, can create a stunning contrast against a lush green outdoor setting, making you stand out beautifully.

Choosing Patterns

Maternity Photoshoot Dress

Patterns, if chosen wisely, can add an exciting dimension to your maternity dress. However, it's crucial to keep in mind that your baby bump is the star of the show, so you don't want a pattern that's too busy or distracting.

If you love prints, consider classic, timeless patterns. Florals, for example, are a wonderful choice, especially for spring or summer shoots. They add a touch of femininity and charm without being too overwhelming. Just make sure the floral pattern complements the dress's color and doesn't compete with it.

Geometric patterns can also be visually appealing, especially when they're simple and minimalistic. Subtle stripes, polka dots, or chevron prints can be stylish without taking away from the main focus - you and your growing bump!

Choosing the color and pattern of your maternity photoshoot dress is a creative journey. Don't be afraid to experiment and see what resonates with your personal style and the mood you want to set for your photoshoot. Remember, these photographs will be timeless keepsakes of your maternity journey, and the right color and pattern can make them truly unforgettable.

Context Matters: Consider the Location and Theme

Maternity Photoshoot Dress

When selecting the perfect maternity photoshoot dress, context plays a crucial role. This includes the location of your photoshoot, the surrounding environment, and the overall theme you've chosen. I will now discuss how these factors can influence your dress selection.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Locations

If you're planning an indoor photoshoot, perhaps in the comfort of your own home, you might consider softer fabrics and more intimate designs. A lace or satin gown that gracefully drapes over your belly, paired with cozy slippers or bare feet, can provide a warm, homey vibe.

Outdoor shoots, on the other hand, offer an opportunity to play with the natural elements. A windy beach photoshoot could benefit from a flowy chiffon or silk dress that catches the breeze and creates dynamic shots. A shoot in a blooming garden or a lush green field might be best complemented by floral prints or earthy tones.

Time of Day

The time of day can also influence your dress choice. If you're planning a dreamy sunrise or sunset shoot, consider the way the changing light will interact with the colors of your dress. Soft, pastel tones or warm earthy hues can beautifully reflect the golden hour glow. On the other hand, for a midday shoot, bold colors can stand out against the bright light.

Photoshoot Themes

Have you decided on a specific theme for your maternity shoot? If you're aiming for a boho-chic vibe, a maxi dress with lace details and a floral crown might be just what you need. For a classic, timeless theme, a fitted, simple gown in a neutral tone could be perfect. If you're going all out with a royal or glamorous theme, consider a sumptuous, extravagant gown that matches the grandeur.


Choosing the perfect maternity photoshoot dress is like finding the right partner - when it's right, you feel it. You should feel beautiful, confident, and radiant in your dress. Because this dress isn't just for the photos - it's for you. It's for the journey, the transformation, and the incredible miracle of life.

So go out there, find your perfect dress, and shine as the stunning mom-to-be that you are. Trust us, when you look back at these photos, you won't just see a dress - you'll see the love, the anticipation, the joy, and the magical journey you embarked on.

I am RayCee the Artist, a professional portrait photographer and event photographer. If you would like me to be your photographer for your maternity photoshoot, please contact me at! Also, feel free to read my articles "Maternity Photoshoot Ideas," "Maternity Outdoor Photoshoot," and "Maternity Photoshoot Poses."

Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram and YouTube!


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