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The Last Bookstore Photoshoot

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

The Last Bookstore Photoshoot

Have you ever visited The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles? If you haven't, you're missing out on a spectacular place to take photos! With its shelves overflowing with books and unique architecture, The Last Bookstore is a popular spot for photographers of all levels. Keep reading to learn what makes The Last Bookstore, located at 453 South Spring St. in downtown Los Angeles, a unique place to take pictures!

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The Last Bookstore Is an Iconic Los Angeles Landmark Perfect for a Photoshoot

The Last Bookstore Photoshoot

The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles is an iconic destination for tourists and locals alike, and is the perfect spot to take photos. With stunning high ceilings lined with towering bookshelves, it is no wonder that The Last Bookstore has become so popular for photoshoots. Not only are visitors surrounded by thousands of books while they wander the store, but they also encounter eye-catching art installations made from books (such as a tunnel made of books). There are so many unique and creative features all around the bookstore that make it a true gem in LA for photographers looking for a unique backdrop for their portrait sessions.

The Last Bookstore Is Overflowing With Books, Which Makes for a Great Backdrop for Photos

The Last Bookstore Photoshoot

Nothing is quite as timeless as a pile of classic novels set against old-fashioned bookcases. The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles, located in the heart of Downtown’s Arts District, has become increasingly popular for photoshoots due to its charming atmosphere and seemingly endless selection of books. (Even the late and great Kobe Bryant had a Last Bookstore photoshoot!) With its 22,000 square feet of used books, record albums, and other media available, there are many possibilities when it comes to creating your perfect shot.

In addition to its extensive book collection, The Last Bookstore also offers a variety of antiques and artwork that can be great additions to any photo. The Last Bookstore is truly a unique setting that can be perfect for your photoshoot needs.

The Last Bookstore Has a Variety of Unique Features

The Last Bookstore Photoshoot

The Last Bookstore is renowned not only for its vast selection of books but also for the eclectic array of art pieces it has on display. With an extensive line-up of vibrant wall murals and a quirky mix of vintage artifacts and sculptures, it makes for a great spot to find unique photography props and stunning backgrounds. This one-of-a-kind bookstore offers a unique atmosphere that is sure to make any photoshoot stand out.

Book Arch

the last bookstore photoshoot

The Book Arch is a captivating and iconic art installation within The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles. As an impressive and immersive structure, it serves as a symbol of the store's dedication to literature and creativity. The arch is made from thousands of hardcover books, meticulously stacked and arranged to form a walkable tunnel-like passage.

The Book Arch is a prime example of artistic ingenuity in transforming everyday objects into a unique and meaningful experience. It creates a whimsical atmosphere that evokes feelings of stepping into a different world or a realm of endless stories waiting to be discovered. The books used in the arch are carefully chosen for their size, color, and aesthetic value, resulting in a visually appealing and harmonious design.

As visitors walk through the arch, they are surrounded by a multitude of books, with their spines facing outwards, inviting onlookers to appreciate the individual titles and their collective impact. The experience is akin to being enveloped by the world of literature, as if the books are portals to different realms of knowledge, imagination, and exploration.

The Book Arch has become a popular spot for photography and social media sharing, drawing attention to the store's unique environment and encouraging further exploration of the literary treasures it houses. It is a testament to the power of books, creativity, and art in connecting people and cultivating a sense of wonder.

Bank Vault

The Last Bookstore Photoshoot

The Last Bookstore building was originally the Crocker Citizens National Bank Building, constructed in the early 20th century. The bank vault is a remnant of the building's history, with its solid steel walls and heavy vault door, complete with intricate locking mechanisms. Rather than removing the vault, The Last Bookstore has incorporated it into their space as a creative showcase.

Inside the bank vault, visitors can find a curated selection of rare and collectible books, often displayed with a particular theme or focus. The confined space creates an intimate setting, with low lighting and a sense of exclusivity, as if one is stepping into a hidden chamber filled with literary treasures. The vault's historical background adds an extra layer of intrigue to the experience.

In addition to housing rare books, the bank vault has also been used for various art installations and events, capitalizing on its unique character and atmosphere. By repurposing the bank vault, The Last Bookstore demonstrates a commitment to blending the old with the new, creating a space that is both nostalgic and innovative, and that fosters a deep appreciation for literature and the arts.


The Last Bookstore Photoshoot

The Annex at The Last Bookstore is an extension of the main store, offering additional space for a wider selection of books and unique installations. As a versatile and dynamic area, the Annex is designed to provide patrons with an immersive and diverse experience that complements the main store.

The Annex features a curated selection of books, including new and used volumes across various genres, with an emphasis on art, design, photography, and music. The space is arranged in a way that encourages exploration and discovery, much like the main store.

One of the most notable aspects of the Annex is its focus on local artists and authors. The space frequently hosts art exhibitions, book signings, readings, and other events that showcase the talent and creativity of the Los Angeles community. By providing a platform for these artists and authors, the Annex helps to foster a sense of connection and support for the local arts scene.

The Spring Arts Collective

The Spring Arts Collective is a dynamic, creative space located within The Last Bookstore in downtown Los Angeles. As a collective of local artists and independent retailers, it showcases the vibrant art and culture of the surrounding area. The collective features a range of artistic mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media, and more.

The Spring Arts Collective provides a platform for local creatives to share their work with the public while fostering a sense of community and collaboration. In addition to the visual arts, the collective also hosts workshops, classes, and special events, making it a vital hub for the Los Angeles art scene.

The Last Bookstore Is Located in Downtown Los Angeles, Which Is a Great Location for Photos

The fantastic downtown Los Angeles location of The Last Bookstore makes it a great area to create amazing images. Located near numerous tourist attractions like the Walt Disney Concert Hall and Grand Central Market, The Last Bookstore's downtown LA location gives photographers a variety of outdoor scenic spots for capturing the perfect moment.


The Last Bookstore is a popular place to have a photoshoot because it is an iconic Los Angeles landmark. Many couples even love to have their own Last Bookstore engagement photoshoot to capture their love story in unique images. The store is full of books, which makes for a great backdrop for photos. The store also has a variety of unique art pieces that can be used as props or backgrounds for photos. The Last Bookstore, located at 453 South Spring St in downtown Los Angeles, is a great location for photos. If you are looking for a unique and beautiful place to take photos, then the Last Bookstore is the perfect spot for you.

If you would like me to be your photographer for your very own The Last Bookstore photoshoot, please feel free to contact me, RayCee the Artist, at!

Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram and YouTube!


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