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Creating Shared Memories: Couple Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

couple maternity photoshoot ideas

The arrival of a child is a monumental event in a couple's life, a shared journey full of anticipation, joy, and love. Capturing these precious moments in a maternity photoshoot allows couples to immortalize this beautiful chapter of their lives. This article is dedicated to providing creative and inspiring couple maternity photoshoot ideas that highlight not only the expectant mother but also the shared bond, support, and love between the soon-to-be parents.

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The Journey Together: Storytelling Settings

Capturing your shared journey is not just about the path ahead, but also the road traveled together. By choosing locations that bear significant meaning in your relationship, you weave your shared history into the fabric of your maternity photoshoot.

The Place You Met or Married

Imagine revisiting the quaint bookstore where your eyes first met, or the beautiful garden where you said "I do." Every corner of these places holds a memory, a story, a shared glance, or a whispered promise. By setting your photoshoot in such locations, you infuse your images with a rich, tangible narrative that speaks volumes about your shared journey. The nostalgia and joy intertwining in these shots will not only tell a story but also stand as a testament to your enduring love.

Your Future Together

Dreaming of the days when you will hold your child’s hand, walking them to the local playground, or reading them fairytales in the quiet corners of the town library? By using these places as your photoshoot's backdrop, you create a bridge between your present anticipation and your future as parents. These locations will then echo with shared dreams, the promise of numerous joyful 'firsts,' and the expectations of a beautiful shared future.

Home Is Where the Heart Is: Intimate Indoor Shots

couple maternity photoshoot ideas

In the cozy embrace of your home, a beautiful narrative of love, warmth, and shared anticipation unfolds. The walls that have witnessed your love story continue to stand as silent spectators to the growing excitement of the life you're about to welcome.

Building the Nursery Together

Every stroke of paint, every tightened screw, every carefully chosen toy tells a story of the love-filled preparations for your baby. Capturing candid maternity pictures of both of you setting up the nursery, perhaps with paint on your cheeks or engaging in a playful pillow fight, evokes a sense of shared responsibility and eager anticipation. These moments brim with authentic emotions that create touchingly intimate photographs.

Enjoying Quiet Moments

Amidst the chaos of preparation, steal some quiet moments of togetherness. It could be a shared glance over a steaming cup of cocoa, a loving snuggle on the favorite couch, or a spontaneous dance in the living room. These raw, unfiltered moments that often go unnoticed are the heartbeats of your journey together. When captured, they make for some of the most honest, heartwarming photos that will be cherished for years to come.

We're in This Together: Hands-On Dad Photos

Pregnancy is a shared journey, and capturing the involvement and excitement of the expectant father is as essential as showcasing the mother's glow. These maternity photo ideas underscore the beautiful partnership in the parenthood journey.

Listening to the Baby Bump

A shot of the father-to-be, ear pressed gently against the baby bump, a smile of anticipation on his face, can be incredibly emotive. This gesture signifies his emotional involvement, curiosity, and impatience to meet the tiny life growing inside. It's a heartwarming sight that beautifully encapsulates the shared joy of pregnancy.

Symmetrical Belly Bump

Light-hearted and sweet, an image of the father-to-be mimicking the expectant mother's baby bump brings a touch of humor to the photoshoot. It evokes laughter, eases the atmosphere, and showcases a shared sense of fun. Such shots break the monotony and add a dash of playful warmth to your pregnancy photo shoot and maternity pics.

The Promise of Togetherness: Symbolic Poses

Symbols can communicate profound feelings in an instant. Symbolic poses create a silent, visual narrative of your bond, your shared joy, and your commitment to nurturing a life together.

Tying a Knot

couple maternity photoshoot ideas

A simple act like the father-to-be tying a ribbon around the baby bump can signify the binding of your lives together, stronger than ever, with the arrival of your baby. This gesture, full of symbolism, creates a poignant frame that speaks volumes about your shared journey.

Shared Heart Hands

couple maternity photoshoot ideas

The shared heart sign around the baby bump has become a classic for a reason. It's a universally recognized symbol of love, and when shaped by the hands of both parents-to-be, it emphasizes the shared love, care, and excitement for the new life.

Our Little Secret: Whispers and Laughs

Laughter and whispers, moments of shared secrets and unabashed joy, bring a dynamic, real-world touch to your photoshoot.

Whispering to the Bump

What could the father-to-be possibly be sharing with the baby? A secret joke? A promise? A hope? This idea evokes curiosity, prompts genuine reactions, and creates an intimate frame that emphasizes the bond between the parents-to-be and their baby.

A Laugh Shared

Joyous, candid laughter can truly make a picture worth a thousand words. It echoes the shared happiness, the excitement, the sheer thrill of embarking on a new journey together. Encourage a light-hearted ambiance where inside jokes can be cracked, memories can be recounted, and shared dreams for the future can be discussed, all of which will bring out authentic smiles and laughter.


A couple maternity photo shoot is more than just a photo session; it's a way of celebrating the journey of shared love and anticipation. These ideas are meant to emphasize the couple's bond, their shared excitement, and their preparation for the arrival of the new member of their family. Remember, the heart of these a couple maternity photoshoot lies in the genuine emotion and connection between the couple. Enjoy the process, make beautiful memories, and let the love for each other and your baby shine through.

I am RayCee the Artist, a professional portrait photographer and event photographer. I would love to work with you to come up with the best maternity photoshoot ideas for you! If you would like me to be your couple maternity shoot photographer to capture amazing couple maternity photos, please feel free to contact me at! And if you require guidance with maternity photoshoot poses, I will be sure to guide you into flattering maternity poses.

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