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Digital Art Portfolio & Landscapes

Importance of a Digital Art Portfolio for Artists  (I use an iPad for Digital Art)

Welcome to my digital art portfolio! In addition to being a photographer, I am also a digital artist. I love turning my ideas into artwork and coming up with a new creation, and as a creative entrepreneur, I wanted to have an online art portfolio on my own website to showcase my creativity. I also provide printing services so that I can offer my clients fine art prints of my digital art images. In the art world, potential buyers of art are always on the lookout for digital art portfolios in order to view examples of art that showcase the technical ability and creativity of an artist. This is why it is important for artists to promote their art business by creating digital art galleries online on their own portfolio website. Just as professional photographers showcase their quality photography work in an online portfolio, digital artists need to showcase their creations in a digital portfolio also. Even having a one page website that displays your artwork online is a great way for potential clients to get interested in your artwork and the services you provide. Having your own art business is a lot of fun, and having a website that displays your art can make all the difference for your art business in the future. Also, providing services such as printing and framing of your artwork can also attract clients as well. Be sure to offer different options for printing and framing so that your clients can customize the artwork which they purchase from you. Happy creating!

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