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Everything to Know About Event Photography to Make Every Occasion One to Remember

Updated: Feb 17

Event Photography

Choosing an Event Photographer to Make Lasting Memories

Photographs are how we remember the best moments in our lives. They capture us at our happiest, proudest, and most carefree moments and are perfect souvenirs to share for years to come. Hiring a professional event photographer is one of the most remarkable ways to remember your time when you're hosting or attending a special event.

Whether you are capturing a family event, wedding, or business gathering, there are endless benefits to hiring an event photographer. Event photography differs slightly from the type of professional photography you might be used to, making it essential to understand why an event photographer like me (RayCee the Artist) is ideally suited to any special event in your life.

But what is event photography, and what kind of styles and occasions can you expect from an event photographer? This article will tell you everything there is to know about event photography and how you can capture some of the most significant moments in your life.

What is Event Photography?

Let’s answer an essential question: what is event photography? Event photography is a type of commercial photography with various categories. For example, wedding, party, or baptism photographers all classify as event photographers. Event photographers also work during live shows or concerts to photograph critical moments for future promotional purposes.

Event photography is unique because it captures all of your attendees during the event and crucial moments of the occasion. Event photography encapsulates any occasion or event that you want professionally photographed. One aspect of event photography that differs from other types is that many photos are candid, meaning that the photographer captures unstaged moments of your event as things unfold around you.

Event photography captures the emotions and joy of your special event. Event photographs are expertly captured to bring you back to the happiest moments of your life in their purest, natural form. As with any photography, there are certain event photography styles to suit your event's overall mood.

No matter what event you are planning, hiring an event photographer is essential to show off your hard work and dedication and remember this moment clearly in the future. Whether your event is big or small, private or public, an experienced event photographer can capture the most critical moments of your life and notice the more minor details you might overlook.

What is the Difference Between Event Photography and Other Styles of Photography?

While you might confuse event photography with other types of photography, such as portraits or street photography, there is a critical difference between these styles. Event photography differs from other styles because it typically involves less control, whether over the lighting, composition, posing, or any other factor that plays a role in different styles.

Event photographers don’t have as much time to set up and execute a shot and use their expertise to capture small, fleeting moments that you might not be paying attention to during your celebration. The right event photographer can find magic in any event and at any time, capturing human, authentic moments from the happiest times in your life.

What are the Styles of Event Photography?

Event Photography

Now that we’ve covered the basics of event photography, it’s time to ask: what are the styles of event photography? Identifying similar styles will help you determine how you want your next event to be captured when the time comes. Below are the main event photography styles to consider before hiring a photographer.


Lifestyle photography is similar to event photography in many ways, and some consider it a facet of event photography. Lifestyle photography is candid, like event photography, but prioritizes photographing specific lifestyles in a laid-back, comfortable environment.

Lifestyle photography often captures memorable moments and events where a milestone is reached or more candid photographs of your day-to-day life, which sets it apart from general event photography. This style captures joyful, essential milestones and happy moments for you and your loved ones.


Photojournalistic photography relates to event photography because it centers around capturing spontaneous moments and action shots rather than set-up and posed shots. Photojournalism is also referred to as documentary-style photography and is perfect for capturing beautiful events and moments as they unfold.

There is a unique beauty to the authenticity and candidness of documentary-style event photography. This style of event photography is one of the most authentic, making it perfect for surprise parties, weddings, or other celebrations where you want genuine emotions to shine through.


Editorial event photography is perfect for staged photographs and photoshoots. An editorial event photographer will prioritize lighting, posing, and other technical aspects of photography to capture beautiful images that, while posing, feel authentic and meaningful.

For instance, you might use editorial event photography for a theater production where the cast poses together or an official image of you and your work colleagues. If you want your event to feel elegant and professional, then the editorial style might be right for you.

Fine Art

Fine art style event photography focuses on the aesthetic appeal of your occasion. Images produced with this style are delicate and romantic while remaining natural. While fine art event photographs aren’t staged, they contain natural poses to capture the beauty of your environment. Many prefer a fine art-style photograph for romantic occasions like engagements, weddings, or anniversary parties.

Suppose you are having an outdoor event and want to capture the beautiful nature surrounding you. In that case, you might also consider fine art style event photography because it is the perfect style to capture the bright, playful colors found in nature.


Classic event photography follows a traditional style composed of staged, formal images. Many select a classic photography style for business events, family portraits, or unique, formal moments like baptisms. While it might not be suitable for a big, vibrant celebration, classic photography is perfect for the moments in your life that you want to capture with a serious undertone.

Moody and Dramatic

While it might not sound like the style you would select for a big celebration, dark and dramatic style photos are an excellent option for various events. With this photography style, you can create a fairytale-like feeling for your event, adding a unique, quirky vibe.

Moody event photographs utilize harsh lighting and lines to emphasize specific parts of your surroundings. You might select this style of event photography if you are having a wedding at a historical location or a themed party.

What Type of Events Can I Hire a Photographer For?

When considering an event photographer for your upcoming celebrations, you might get lost thinking of which events are appropriate for this style of photography. Though many people presume that event photography is typically reserved for weddings or corporate events, the reality is that event photography covers a wide range of occasions.

Below are some occasions where event photography is appropriate if you are curious about what you can use an event photographer for in the future.

Birthday Parties

Event Photography

Make your birthday special by considering an event photographer for your next celebration. While you can capture birthday parties at any age, you might give this option extra consideration if you are a parent looking to capture milestones in your young child’s life.

For instance, an event photographer is perfect for your child’s first birthday party–something they won’t remember but can look back on fondly with a beautiful photoshoot. Additionally, capturing your child’s birthday party is a perfect way to look back on their journey in the future and appreciate how much they’ve grown.

However, birthday parties aren’t reserved for young people. If you want to celebrate your birthday, your parent’s birthday or anyone else's in your life, why not throw a fantastic party and capture every moment with a talented event photographer?


Capturing sporting events is essential to any coach that wants to commemorate their team’s efforts. Events like basketball, baseball, or soccer games are the perfect opportunity to hire an event photographer that can capture high-quality action shots that transport you back to the winning goal.

You don’t have to be on a professional sports team to hire an event photographer for your sporting events. Some people hire an event photographer for simple, friendly tournaments, school sporting days, or a fun competition with friends and family. Whatever your case, you can capture the magic of every sporting event with an expert event photographer.

Boxing Events

Event Photography

Along with sporting events, you can hire an event photographer to capture special moments and events such as boxing matches. These intense moments are easy to get caught up in, so having an expert event photographer present is essential to look back fondly in the future.

Boxing events are a unique time to hire an event photographer. While you might worry about finding a photographer with experience capturing boxing matches, event photographers like me have experience in this niche.

Public Speaking

Whether you’re giving a speech for school, business, or individual passions, hiring an event photographer for public speaking can add more meaning to your speech. I have experience photographing public speaking events, often some of the proudest moments in your career and life.

If you are giving an impassioned speech and want to commemorate the moment, you should consider hiring an event photographer. The right photographer will capture all the emotions, dedication, and knowledge in your words within single images. Capture moments of success with an event photographer at your next public speaking event.

Business Events

Corporate and business events are the perfect occasion to hire an event photographer. Capturing corporate occasions is vital for numerous reasons and can add a layer of professionalism to your company’s website, social channels, or portfolio.

Additionally, you might consider an event photographer if you are launching a new business. Business launches are perfect for promoting a new company and spreading the word about its future. Photos from a business launch can be spread online, in newspapers, through brochures, or anywhere else you hope to advertise your next venture.

Live Theater

Event Photography

Hiring an event photographer is a perfect way to capture the magic on stage if you are part of a theater company or production. There are numerous moments to photograph during a theater production. You might consider hiring a photographer to take staged cast photos before the production commences or to capture the set.

An event photographer can also capture images during the production without interfering with the cast and crew. These pictures are perfect for a portfolio, school yearbook, or professional theater website. And, if you want pictures with the cast after the show, an event photographer can effortlessly capture the moment's authenticity.

Proms and Dances