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Family Photoshoot Ideas

Family Photoshoot Ideas

Are you looking for ideas for your next family photoshoot? If so, you've come to the right place! In this blog post, I'll share some ideas for different types of family picture ideas such as locations to consider and what to wear. I hope these tips will help you capture beautiful memories that your family will cherish for years to come.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, and would like for me to be your Los Angeles family photoshoot photographer, please contact me, RayCee the Artist, at!

Location Ideas for Family Photoshoots

Family Photoshoot Ideas

Struggling to come up with family photoshoot ideas? Whether you want a nature-inspired backdrop or something more urban, there are plenty of creative family photoshoot locations out there. Consider outdoor family photos in natural light like local parks, forests, fields, and botanical gardens; or indoor settings like studios and other unique spaces such as art galleries and aquariums.

When shooting outdoors in Fall, Fall family photos in a local park with the vibrant reds, oranges, yellows, and purples of the leaves are great for family photography. Also, during the holiday season with the whole family gathered together (including extended family), a family home can be a great place for taking family pictures. Whether you have a large family or a small family, the whole family is sure to love having cute shots taken of them in front of a Christmas tree! Wherever you decide to go, make sure it reflects the interests and personalities of family members.

Outfit Ideas for Family Photoshoots

Family Photoshoot Ideas

When planning for family portraits, finding the perfect outfit for the family to be camera ready can be an exciting and meaningful part of the experience. Whether you’re looking for something classic, casual, or somewhere in between – there are plenty of outfit options to choose from to make family photos interesting and special. To make the family look put-together in a timeless way, consider coordinating your family’s outfits with similar colors and styles. Having the family dress in simple pieces like denim jeans and neutral-colored tops are always a good choice for the entire family; but if you’d like to have some more fun with it, adding some accessories like patterned ties or statement earrings can add unique touches of individuality without taking away from the cohesive family look.

Also, consider what kind of family portrait photoshoot you want. Do you want an indoor or outdoor session? Is there an activity planned for the family to do at the family photoshoot? Would you like something formal or casual? Once the location is determined it will help narrow down your family photoshoot outfit ideas. For example, if it’s an outdoor family picnic in natural light, then everyone might opt for comfortable and relaxed looks like jeans and sandals, while a more formal family photoshoot could call for dressy maxi dresses or collared shirts – depending on your family's style.

With just a few thoughtful touches and creative family photo ideas, you can dress your family up in style to make sure your family photoshoot is as memorable as possible! Whatever outfit you choose, make sure to accentuate the positive and leave some room for frivolity!

Pose Ideas for Family Photoshoots

Family Photoshoot Ideas

Family photoshoots can quickly become standard affairs. Every member of the family stands in one line, smiles for the camera, and that's it. But there are so many more possibilities when it comes to fun family photo ideas and family portrait poses! Ideas could involve everyone sitting in a circle on the ground and interacting with each other or playing games while being photographed. Family members shooting baskets together or even playing catch leading up to an eventual group shot can be a great way to make fun memories.

Another way to get creative with family portrait poses is by having young kids address their siblings directly with facial expressions such as hugging and laughing together. A group hug also makes for beautiful family photos. These are all great ideas to capture your family’s natural charisma and connection. Don't forget to consider any specific preferences from individual members of the family too! Also, sweet memories can be created when a family photographer (such as myself, RayCee the Artist) catches and photographs candid moments with natural smiles.

Prop Ideas for Family Photoshoots

Family Photoshoot Ideas

There are many different ways you can add a unique touch to your family photoshoot with props that draw attention, capture the family’s personality and bring an extra special dynamic to the pictures. From personal items like family heirlooms, special trinkets, or items depicting shared interests and hobbies, to something interesting to add depth and context, like blankets, cushions, or large plants; taking photos with fun props can help bring something extra special to family photoshoots. Be creative when choosing props in order to create memorable shots!


When planning a family photoshoot, there are many options available. Start by deciding on a location; your home, a nearby park or beach, or even a professional photography studio can provide beautiful backgrounds and scenery. Then choose fun and fashionable clothing attire that will best capture the aesthetic of your family. Consider different poses to show off each family member's unique personality. Utilize props to add additional depth and texture to the photoshoot as well. Finally, reflect on the results of your family photoshoot adventure with pride and joy!

Family photography is something that I love to do, and as your Los Angeles family portrait session photographer, I will make sure to help you come up with great family portrait ideas and create a dynamic family portrait/portraits that each family member will love! You can create amazing family images/family pictures during your family photo shoot that will last for years to come! All it takes is some preparation time, so take some time to gather some inspiring family photo ideas and start planning for your family photoshoot!

A family photo shoot is something that all family members are sure to enjoy! If you are in the Los Angeles area, and would like for me to be your Los Angeles family photoshoot photographer, please contact me, RayCee the Artist, at!

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