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What Is an Art Commission? The Benefits, Purposes, and Value of Commissioning Art

Updated: Mar 13

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Everything to Know About Art Commissions

Art commissions hold immense value for many people. Receiving tailor-made art from your favorite artists is a special moment and the perfect opportunity to display new artwork in your home to complement your space.

While you might know the basics about art commissions, finding the right artist for your ideas requires a deeper understanding of everything there is to learn about art commissions. The art commission process goes beyond simply messaging any artist and asking for a favor. There are specific steps to take when commissioning art that contribute to its overall sentimental value.

But what is commissioned art exactly, and how can you bring your vision to life? This article is your one-stop shop for everything you should know about art commissions when ordering from professionals like RayCee the Artist.

What are Art Commissions?

Art commissions are artwork created at a client's request and based on the client's unique ideas combined with the artist's creative style. Historically, commissions have been considered luxuries reserved for art galleries and collectors. However, art commissions are much more accessible nowadays. Many people can commission artwork from their favorite digital artists online.

Art commissions rely on communication and collaboration between the artist and the client. Because the client plays a significant role in the art commission process, the final artwork is personal and holds great sentimental value. Additionally, many artists rely on commissions as supplemental income and to work through creative blocks.

The Many Benefits of Commissioning Artwork

commission art

While commissioned artwork is a beautiful way to help your favorite artists do what they love for a living, there are many benefits to commissioning art for the client. No matter the purpose of your art commission, the right artist can bring your vision to life and create something you can cherish forever.

Are you still doubting the benefits of art commissions? No worries–below are five benefits of commissioning art from your favorite artist.

Build a Relationship With the Artist

Art commissions are one of the best opportunities to build relationships with your favorite artist. The art commission process requires significant trust for an artist, as they bring your creative vision to life while adding their unique style. Your involvement in the artistic process opens communication. It requires transparency, making it a unique experience built on mutual trust and appreciation.

Stay Involved in the Artistic Process

Your involvement in the commission process is another massive benefit of commissioning artwork. Commissions begin with your creative vision, meaning you play a crucial role in the entire artistic journey. By involving you in the artistic process, you can work with an artist to craft artwork that is both meaningful and a rewarding experience.

There is an authenticity that comes with art commissions that you won’t find in pre-made artwork purchased without your input. While pre-made artwork is equally unique in its artistic value, the outcome of a commissioned piece holds a personal value that you won’t find anywhere else.

Improve Your Creative Thinking

While you might not be a professional artist, your creativity is still an intrinsic part of who you are. Creative thinking is essential for everyone, including those that don’t consider themselves artistically inclined. When you commission artwork, you must put your creative thinking into action.

Improving your ability to think creatively is essential to every aspect of your life. Commissioning artwork helps you grow more comfortable with self-expression, giving you an increased creative drive that contributes to who you are as a whole. If you want to emphasize a particular message but don’t have the words to express it, commissioning artwork can help you eliminate confusion and discover what you value.

Fulfill a Purpose

A significant benefit of commissioned artwork is that it fulfills a purpose unlike any other art you might have in your space. Decorating your space with art is an excellent way to bring life to your environment. However, personalized and commissioned artwork fulfills a purpose only possible when you work with an artist to bring your vision to life.

Commissioned art honors a specific need that you have and brings your thoughts and emotions to life. Whatever message you want to express that you cannot find the words for, a commissioned artwork can solve this barrier and unlock new possibilities and purposes.

Unlock the Emotional Benefits of Art

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Art is far more than a nice decoration to hang on your wall. There are various emotional benefits to the artwork that can improve your quality of life and mental well-being. The emotional benefits of art are amplified when you commission artwork because of the added personal element.

The healing properties of art are not limited to an art therapy setting, nor do you have to create the artwork yourself to benefit from it emotionally. Research has shown that involvement in art creation enacts positive emotional development and encourages recovery from mental health conditions.

Studies also show that art is a critical part of self-discovery and helps individuals be comfortable with expressing vulnerability. Art is a reflection of one's emotions. Commissioning artwork from your favorite artist allows you to unlock a vulnerable state with someone that can help you visualize the images you have in mind.

Support an Artist You Love

A massive benefit of commissioning artwork is that you can support your favorite artists. Artists do what they love for a living, but it isn’t always easy to make a livable income from their artwork alone. Many artists work multiple jobs to fund their artistic endeavors. You offer financial and emotional support when you commission art from your favorite artists.

Commissioning artwork reminds the artist that their work is valued, appreciated, and supported. It allows the artist to do what they love and continue exploring their creative passion while creating a name for themselves. Ultimately, commissioning artwork benefits you and the artist, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

How Can I Commission Artwork?

Commissioning a piece of art is relatively simple when you know the proper steps to take to bring your vision to life. Below is a step-by-step explanation of how art commissions work and how you can commission a piece of art from your favorite artist.

1. Decide What You Want in an Art Commission

Before contacting an artist about a possible commission, deciding what you're looking for in a piece of art is essential. Deciding what you want from your commission requires knowing the subject matter and the medium to create the piece. Additionally, it would be best if you had a general idea of how you want the final piece to look.

If you need more clarification on details like the medium of your piece, have a few ideas prepared for when you contact an artist. The artist can advise you on what medium works best for the specific piece you are requesting.

2. Decide on an Artist to Contact

Once you know what you’re looking for in your art commission, you can begin researching and contacting an artist with a similar style to what you envision. For instance, you can explore art portfolios from your favorite digital artists like RayCee the Artist. Seeing the breadth of an artist’s work can give you an idea of what to anticipate from your final piece and help you determine if an artist has the style you seek.

Before contacting an artist, guarantee that they are open for commissions. Once you find an artist that suits your style, you can begin contacting them and determining if your request suits their artistic process. Know exactly why you want to work with this artist instead of other artists offering commissions. Consider preparing examples of pieces somewhat similar to what you want from your commission without being too identical to your vision.

3. Prepare Answers for Common Questions

As you discuss a possible commission with your artist of choice, have answers prepared for common questions they might ask. An artist will typically inquire about more details before beginning your commission. While they might ask various questions, the following are some common examples that you should have an answer for when speaking with an artist.

  • What is the purpose of your artwork? Is it a personal item, a gift, or something else?

  • Where do you want to display this artwork?

  • Do you have a deadline for when you want the artwork to be completed?

  • Can you place a deposit for the commission?

  • Is there a specific aesthetic, tone, color, etc., that you want from the artwork?

4. Set Expectations With a Contract

A professional artist might require a contract for your art commission to guarantee that you are on the same page and have realistic expectations for the commissioning process. When setting expectations with an artist, ensure that you discuss the following:

  • The total price

  • Deposit amount

  • Timeline for the art piece

  • Your rights as the client

  • How the approval process works once the artwork is delivered to you

5. Maintain Communication With the Artist as They Work on Your Commission

As the artist works on bringing your vision to life, ensure that you maintain regular communication. The artist might ask questions to clarify specific aspects of your commissioned piece. Following the set timeline is only possible if you respond promptly. Your communication and cooperation are integral to the commission process and help guarantee your envisioned outcome.

What are Some Good Occasions to Commission Artwork?

Art commissions are always a beneficial experience for both the commissioner and the artist. While you might have some favorite individual artists who you want to commission for a custom piece, finding an occasion to commission artwork holds many people back.

There isn’t a need for a big occasion to make commissioning artwork an excellent choice for you. However, if you’d like to commission artwork for reasons other than personal interest, below are some of the many occasions where an art commission is a fantastic investment.

Celebrating Big Occasions

Art commissions are perfect for celebrating and commemorating big occasions in your life. For instance, weddings, birthday parties, or professional events are occasions when you should consider commissioning a piece of artwork.

Commissioned art is one of the most extraordinary and intimate ways to celebrate your passions. The added personal touch you get from commissioned artwork makes any occasion one to celebrate.

Remembering Special Moments

Capturing the most memorable moments in life is something many people desire. You can capture and remember these moments with commissioned artwork and ensure they are never forgotten. While you can’t go back to a specific time, you can work with an artist to create a gorgeous representation of the moment and its meaning.

When you commission artwork, you honor the crucial moments in your life that have defined you as a person. Once you receive your completed commission, you can gaze upon it and be transported back to the happiness you felt at that moment.

Decorating Your Space

Decorating your home, office, or any other space where you spend time is the perfect opportunity to add a special touch to your environment with commissioned artwork. Many people love hanging art on their walls or placing it somewhere nearby to gaze upon for inner calm. When you commission artwork from your favorite artists to decorate your space, this inner calm reaches another level.

No decoration is more special than something with intimate, personal value to you. For instance, while you might decorate your bedroom with beautiful artwork and knick-knacks, you will benefit by adding personal elements to your space. By commissioning artwork to decorate your personal space, you can discover a sense of newfound comfort and safety in that environment.