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LeBron Sucks: Why Lebron Is Overrated and a Horrible Basketball Player

Updated: 4 days ago

Lebron Sucks

There are so many reasons why LeBron James is overrated. In this article, I will go through all of the many reasons.

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LeBron James won’t shoot the last shot if his team is losing at the end of a game. But if the game is tied, then he would shoot it without a doubt. View the following video to see examples of this: Part 2 Overrated LeBron James Is a HORRIBLE Basketball Player Video and LeBron Passes Up Last Shot TWICE In All-Star Game

He does not want the blame for losing the game if he shoots and misses if his team is down at the end of a game. But if the game is tied, he has nothing to lose, so he would shoot it. If he misses, the game would just go to overtime.

He has done this his entire career.

Horrible basketball player.

Lebron Sucks

Even in an ALL-STAR GAME, LeBron will not shoot the last shot if his team is losing in the final seconds. In the 2012 All-Star Game, LeBron had the ball with his team down by 2 points in the final 3 seconds of the game, and Kobe Bryant was guarding him. And of course, LeBron wanted no part of taking that shot, so he passed the ball, and it got stolen. LeBron's team lost. Even Kobe was telling him to shoot it. And right before that happened, LeBron had the ball with a chance to shoot with a little over 10 seconds left in the game, but he passed the ball then too! Watch the following video to see what I am talking about : LeBron Passes Up Last Shot TWICE In All-Star Game

Not clutch.

No handles.

Can’t create a shot for himself.

Misses easy shots near the rim when he has pressure or defense around him. Can only dunk around the rim. Misses easy layups and shots near the rim when defense is there.

Constantly flopping and looking for calls from the refs

Won’t shoot the last shot when his team is losing in the final seconds of a game.

Does not try to score when his team is down big in a game, but if his team is winning then he will be putting up shot after shot. Frontrunner. Every other great player in history plays the exact opposite of this.

Every other great player tries to score to bring their team back from a big deficit. But LeBron depends fully on his teammates to bring his team back into a game if they are losing big, then once his teammates get the score close, then LeBron will start trying to score more and put up more shots. He has done this his entire career.

Lebron Sucks

After KYRIE IRVING hit the game winning shot and won Cleveland the NBA championship, LeBron went on some podcast and proclaimed himself the greatest player of all time. The stupidity of this speaks for itself.

Never entered the dunk contest. Why? Because he knew he had no chance of winning, so he did not even try. He can only jump off one foot and dunk hard with one hand. That is it. You need creativity in a dunk contest, and he has none. And he knows it.

Lebron Sucks

Remember when LeBron got upset and started acting like a whining baby after J.R. Smith did not shoot or pass the ball in the final seconds of a game? (Cavaliers vs. Warriors, Game 1 of the NBA Finals in 2018)

The idiots on television never even mentioned this, so I will. That situation never would have happened if LeBron would have just shot the last shot in the final seconds of regulation in that game when he had the ball in his hands.

But since his team was losing in the final seconds, he passed the ball with around 1 or 2 seconds left (only player in the world who would have passed in that situation), and luckily got bailed out by a ref when the ref called a foul against the opposing team (for a foul against the teammate Lebron passed the ball to).

His teammate shot free throws and tied the game with a free throw, but missed the last free throw. That is when J.R. Smith went and got the offensive rebound and ran out the clock, so the game went to overtime. J.R. Smith actually took the initiative to go get the offensive rebound, something LeBron did not do. Even if J.R. Smith did not get the rebound, the game would have gone to overtime anyways.

But LeBron was acting like he was upset and whining like a baby because J.R. Smith didn't pass him the ball or shoot the ball after the rebound. LeBron was acting like he wanted the ball so he could shoot it (Acting like he wanted to shoot it when the game was tied. Like I said before, he only wants to shoot the last shot if the game is tied).

LeBron had the chance to shoot the last shot when his team was losing in the final seconds of regulation, but he passed up the shot (because his team was losing). So LeBron should have kept his mouth shut. Instead, he whined like a baby on the court and on the bench, and failed to do anything in overtime, which lead to his team losing.

J.R. Smith did not do anything wrong. He went out of his way to get an offensive rebound. So what if he did not shoot it after the rebound? The game would have gone to overtime anyways. The only reason people criticized J.R. Smith is because of the reaction LeBron had.

LeBron is an embarrassment for that reaction and many other reasons.

Most overrated basketball player in history. He is a fraud. The media and people on television are really trying to convince everyone that LeBron is a great player. He is not.

Survey: LeBron James Is Most Hated Player in the NBA

A 2021 social media study by SportsInsider declared LeBron James, of the Los Angeles Lakers, to be the most hated player in the National Basketball Association (NBA).


Methodology of the Survey

SportsInsider conducted a comprehensive survey by sifting through geotagged Twitter data over the course of a month. This data was used to track the negative mentions of the most celebrated players in the league. The survey took into account phrases like "lebron sucks" or "I hate LeBron", amongst others, to determine the most disliked player. A mammoth total of over 70,000 hashtags and tweets were painstakingly analyzed as part of this study.

Results of the Survey

The results of this meticulous study were startling. LeBron James was declared the most detested player in the NBA, with as many as 24 states voicing their disdain for the star athlete. Following closely behind LeBron was Kyrie Irving (who once played on the same team as LeBron), who was the most disliked in 18 states. James Harden and Kevin Durant were tied in third place, while Russell Westbrook and Paul George shared the last spot. Anthony Davis, who is currently on the Los Angeles Lakers, was not on the list.

Reactions to the Survey

One of LeBron's most vocal critics, Skip Bayless, took to Twitter to express his lack of surprise at the results. He tweeted, "A national poll finds that the most hated player in the NBA is … LeBron James. No surprise here. Can’t wait to discuss on tomorrow’s Undisputed. I’m told Shannon is out of his mind over this." Many others shared Bayless' sentiment, sparking a nationwide debate.

LeBron's Career

LeBron James, the self proclaimed "King James," has had a long career (mostly in the Eastern Conference) in the NBA. Over every NBA season throughout the years, he has amassed a significant number of critics.

LeBron's Jersey Number

LeBron never should have worn jersey number 23. That is the number Michael Jordan wore. LeBron is nowhere near the player Michael Jordan was.


Also, be sure to read a couple of my other articles: "YouTube Sucks" and "College Is a SCAM"

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