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Light and Airy Photography: The Art of Capturing the Ethereal

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

light and airy photography

In the world of photography, there are many styles that capture the eye and imagination. Each photography genre has its unique charm and appeal, but one style that has gained substantial popularity in recent years is light and airy photography. This style is cherished for its ethereal, soft, and timeless look. It breathes a sense of lightness and tranquility into photographs, making them appear as if they have been plucked straight out of a dream.

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What is Light and Airy Photography?

light and airy photography

Light and airy photography is a style that is characterized by bright, soft, and pastel hues that create a dreamy and romantic feeling. It relies heavily on natural light and a well-thought-out composition to achieve the desired effect. The images produced in this style often have high-key lighting, minimal shadows, and a certain luminosity that conveys a feeling of lightness and elegance.

The light and airy style is prevalent in a variety of photography genres, including wedding, engagement, portrait, family, newborn, and even product photography. It captures the emotions and mood of a moment in a beautifully subtle way that feels natural and unforced.

Elements of Light and Airy Photography

light and airy photography

The charm of a photograph lies in the harmony of its elements. For light and airy photography, certain components take center stage, weaving together to create the dreamy aesthetic that defines this style. The dance of natural light, the delicate balance of exposure, the careful choice of a color palette, and the thoughtful composition - each plays its part in crafting the light and airy narrative.

Natural Light

The cornerstone of light and airy photography is natural light. Photographers favor locations that offer an abundance of natural light, such as open fields, beaches, and spaces with large windows or open shade. The aim is to use soft and diffused light that evenly illuminates the subject, reducing harsh shadows and contrast, and creating a beautiful glow.


To achieve the light and airy look, it's essential to correctly expose the photos. Overexposure is a common technique used in this style, as it washes out colors and brightens the pictures, contributing to a more ethereal look. However, care must be taken to avoid losing detail in the highlights.

Color Palette

Light and airy photos often feature a muted color palette with soft pastels and neutral tones. These colors contribute to the overall dreamy and serene mood of the image. Warm tones are also often used to create a sense of warmth and romanticism.

Composition and Styling

A clean and minimalist composition helps to enhance the feeling of lightness in the image. The use of negative space, simple backgrounds (such as a white wall), and a less-is-more approach to props and styling are common.

The Process of Light and Airy Photography

light and airy photography

Crafting a light and airy photograph is an artful journey that unfolds in stages. It begins with a vision, translates into a plan, comes to life during the shoot, and finally blossoms in the post-processing stage. Like a painter with a palette, a photographer skillfully maneuvers through each of these steps, shaping the raw elements into a beautiful light and airy masterpiece.


Selecting the right location and time of day is crucial. Ideally, the location should be filled with natural light, but not direct sun. Early morning or late afternoon, during the so-called "golden hour," provide the best light conditions.


During the shoot, the photographer will focus on maintaining a correct exposure in camera, often leaning towards overexposure, and will compose the shot to keep it clean and uncluttered. They'll also work with the subject to evoke a relaxed and natural mood. A shallow depth/wide aperture may be used to blur the background to create a certain aesthetic.


Post-processing/light and airy editing style plays a significant role in achieving the light and airy look. During the editing process, a light and airy photographer typically uses software like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop to adjust the exposure and white balance, lift the shadows, decrease the contrast, and tweak the colors to create a soft, pastel look and airy feel.

Reasons to Choose Light and Airy Photography

light and airy photography

The light and airy photography style can create a unique aesthetic that is both timeless and romantic. This style is perfect for capturing moments that you want to remember with a sense of softness and elegance. It brings out the beauty in simplicity and focuses on the emotion and mood of the moment.

The light and airy style can also help to create a consistent theme across a series of photos, making it a great choice for events like weddings or family photo sessions. By maintaining a consistent style, the photographs collectively tell a cohesive story, each image seamlessly connecting to the next.

Moreover, this style of photography tends to produce airy images that are visually pleasing with a touch of sophistication. They often have a calming and soothing effect, making them highly desirable for various settings, including home décor, websites, and social media platforms.

Tips to Prepare for a Light and Airy Photoshoot

light and airy photography

The journey towards a successful light and airy photoshoot starts long before the camera starts clicking. It involves choosing outfits that complement the style, opting for natural-looking makeup and hairstyles, selecting props that add to the aesthetic, and communicating your expectations and vision to the photographer. Each step plays a crucial role in bringing the light and airy dream to life. Here are some light and airy photography tips for you to consider:


Choose outfits in light, neutral colors such as white, cream, pastels, or light earth tones. These shades will help to reflect light and contribute to the overall light and airy aesthetic. Avoid heavy patterns or logos that could detract from the simplicity of the image.

Makeup and Hair

Opt for natural-looking makeup and soft hairstyles. The goal is to enhance your natural beauty rather than making a bold statement.

Props and Accessories

Choose props and accessories that are simple and fit within the color palette. Flowers, for instance, can add a touch of softness and romance.

Communicate With Your Photographer

Discuss your vision and expectations with your photographer beforehand. They can provide valuable guidance and suggestions to help you achieve your desired look.


Light and airy photography is a beautiful and timeless style that captures the essence of a moment in a soft and romantic way. It's all about simplicity, natural light, muted colors, and a sense of serenity. Whether you're planning a wedding, family portraits, or simply want to capture beautiful everyday moments, light and airy photography could be the perfect choice for you.

Remember, the key to great light and airy photos is a combination of the right conditions, careful planning, and professional post-processing. By understanding what this style entails and how to prepare for a photoshoot, you can ensure that your photos will have that dreamy, timeless quality that light and airy photography is renowned for. So why not consider light and airy photography for your next photoshoot and let your memories be captured in this ethereal style?

If you would like me, professional portrait photographer RayCee the Artist, to photograph a portrait session for you, feel free to contact me at! Your portrait photos are sure to be amazing! Also, you may visit my portrait portfolio to view more of my portrait photographs.

Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram and YouTube!


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