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Wear a Boutonniere to Look Great in Photographs!

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

There are many accessories that men have the option to wear at a formal event. These accessories look amazing in photographs when tied to proper attire (such as a suit). Boutonnieres (often misspelled as "boutineer") are one of the most popular and can be purchased at a flower shop. A boutonniere is a flower/floral accent worn by men on their tuxedo or suit, usually tied to the left side jacket lapel using a pin, near the upper left jacket pocket close to the heart.

Boutonnieres are a unique design/decoration worn by men on their jacket lapel in order to accessorize their suit or tuxedo look for a formal event such as a wedding party, romantic dinner, or garden party. Many men wear boutonnières as a modern way to show sophistication and a little bit of your personality and personal style. Many different flower colors can be used, such as pink, blue, lavender, yellow, orange, white, and green.

Prom is a formal type of occasion in which boutonnieres are used by almost every guy. At every prom, every guy will have a boutonnière as part of their prom attire (and the girls will usually be wearing corsages). Also, at a wedding, groomsmen will have a boutonniere on their jacket lapel.

When you search for a flower boutonniere, you will discover that there are many different types of flowers can be used as a boutonniere. Here are some examples in more detail:

Red Carnation


Red carnations are great for the groom and groomsmen at a wedding party. A bride can also wear a red carnation as a corsage. Usually, a single red carnation wedding boutonniere is accented with lily grass blades and leafy greens for an eye-catching appearance you will love. These blooms look similar to red roses.

White Ranunculus


White ranunculus is a light and beautiful flower. They are a staple at almost every wedding. These blooms are very hardy and can stand the test of time compared to other flowers, especially considering how delicate they appear. These flowers have one of the longest vase lives out of all the delicate flowers. They can last up to two weeks.

Blue Thistle


Blue thistle has course, spiny, thorny, and colored stems that grow to 24 to 36 inches. The leaves of the flowers are bluish gray. It has a distinctive snowflake shaped bloom with a cone center. Blue thistle is a beautiful flower that is a great filler for wedding party bouquets, and makes for a great boutonniere. It is available most of the year and has a vase life of about 10 to 12 days.



Succulent boutonnieres are made from succulent cuttings and decorative material. This makes it different than the other more traditional boutonnieres. A succulent is a plant that stores water in its leaves. The leaves tend to be thick and have a fleshy texture.

Seeded Eucalyptus


Seeded eucalyptus is greenery that contains diverse green leaves with a cluster of seeds running along the stem line. It is frequently used as a wedding boutonniere at a wedding party. They are sturdy, but these boutonnieres have easy to manipulate stems.



A rose boutonniere can come in various colors. For example, this flower can be red, pink, or white. At a wedding party, a rose boutonniere is frequently used by groomsmen as a wedding boutonniere. It is common for groomsmen to wear various colors of this flower. Also, rose boutonnieres are used frequently by guys attending prom. The different colors of roses symbolize different things. For example, white roses symbolize purity, youthfulness, and innocence, while red roses symbolize passion, desire, true love, and romance.


I hope that these examples of different boutonniere (often misspelled as "boutineer") types will help make it easier for you or your family to decide which type to purchase. The price of these boutonnieres may vary, so be sure to shop around Remember that you also have many color choices such as pink, lily, green, yellow, and lavender. In addition to the flower types mentioned above, you also have other choices of boutonniere flower type, such as roses, fresh herbs, olive leaves, hypericum berries, ranunculus buds, and privet berries. Use these accessories to show off your style and improve the overall look of your attire at a party, such as at a prom or wedding party.

If you will be attending a formal event, such as a wedding party, and would like me to photograph the event and all the amazing boutonniere accessorized attire, contact me at to schedule a photo shoot!


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