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Wedding Suits for Men

When it comes to wedding fashion, there are many styles of suits that grooms can choose to wear. Men's wedding suits can be stylish and modern, or more traditional. It is important that whatever the choice is for a men's wedding suit, the suit should be properly tailored as to get the best and most appropriate fit, and should fit the groom's style and personality. Every groom and groomsmen should get custom tailoring done to their wedding suits. The brand of wedding suits does not matter, as long as the quality of the attire is high-quality and will fit the groom and groomsmen as properly tailored men's wedding suits should fit. Also, a boutonniere is a great addition to any and all wedding suits for men.

If there is dress code at the wedding, then the choice of wedding suit will have to be appropriate for the dress code. Examples of a dress code include White Tie, Black Tie, Black Tie Optional, Cocktail, Garden, and Casual. A boutonniere will be in style and appropriate with any of these dress codes. A boutonniere is one of the most versatile accessories because a boutonniere comes in a variety of colors and types of flowers. Wearing a boutonniere will make any groom and all groomsmen look great in photographs!

Traditional Black Tuxedo

Wedding Suits for Men

A traditional black tuxedo is a classic and traditional formal style for wedding suit attire. Traditional black tuxedos are a timeless and sophisticated style for weddings, and many grooms love to wear this type of wedding suit at their wedding ceremony. The color of the traditional black tuxedo can not change, but the choice of lapel style, jacket/blazer style, and fabric can change. The wedding suit can be a wool suit, for example. Instead of a wool suit, men can choose a cotton suit. A jacket/blazer can also have a variety of options when it comes to pockets and lapels. Also, double breasted jackets are an option for men looking for a different style.

White Tuxedo

Wedding Suits for Men

White attire may not be appropriate for wedding ceremony guests, but it is appropriate for the groom to wear a white tuxedo to match the bride if he chooses to do so. White tuxedos are ideal for weddings that take place outdoors during the spring and summer season, or in warmer destinations. During the peak of summer heat, a white tuxedo will really benefit the groom, because a white tuxedo will keep the groom cooler and more comfortable than a dark tuxedo wedding suit would. A white tuxedo wedding suit should always match the color of the bride's dress. Also, it is fine to wear black trousers with a white jacket in order to add some contrast to the attire.

Make a Big Statement With Colors

Wedding Suits for Men

Many grooms change out of their more traditional tuxedos after the wedding ceremony and into something more colorful for the wedding reception. Many grooms request classic tuxedo silhouettes in a variety of colors, with green being a popular choice. Other colors include a red or light blue suit.

Make a More Subtle Statement With Colors

Wedding Suits for Men

Many grooms who want to add some color, but still remain relatively classic/traditional choose to wear a navy/blue suit for weddings. For a casual wedding in a rustic, outdoor, or beach environment, tan suits are also a great option. The lighter the tan color, the less formal the wedding suit attire becomes. Many men also choose to go with brown or gray suits also.


Whether a groom chooses to wear a traditional black tuxedo, white tuxedo, navy blue suit, light blue jacket, red jacket, green jacket, gray suit, or three piece suit, the most important thing is that the wedding suit which a groom chooses ultimately fits their personality and style. This is a groom's once in a lifetime event, so a groom should do what makes them feel comfortable, and make sure their suit is tailored and fits their style and personality.

If you will be attending a formal event, such as a wedding party, and would like me to photograph the event and all the amazing boutonniere accessorized attire, contact me at to schedule a photo shoot!


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