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Maternity Outdoor Photoshoot

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Maternity Outdoor Photoshoot

If you are an expectant mother, you're probably feeling pretty excited these days. You're nesting and getting things ready for your new baby, and you're probably excited about the big day. But there's one thing that can be a bit of a downer during pregnancy: shopping for clothes! Sure, you can find some cute maternity clothes, but it's not always easy to find something that makes you feel good about yourself. So why not try something different and book an outdoor maternity photoshoot/pregnancy photoshoot? It's a great way to get some beautiful maternity portrait images of yourself during this special time in your life, and it will be something you can look back on fondly when your baby is all grown up. Trust me, your future self will thank you for the maternity photography!

Choose the Perfect Location - Somewhere With Pretty Scenery and Good Lighting

Maternity Outdoor Photoshoot

There are many outdoor maternity photoshoot ideas to choose from. When planning an outdoor maternity photoshoot/pregnancy photoshoot, one of the most important things to consider is location. Ideally, you want somewhere that has both stunning scenery and excellent natural light. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect spot. Start by scouting out various parks and gardens in your area, noting how much shade or sun they receive at different times of the day. Research areas with interesting architecture, or pick trails with colorful foliage and mountain views. You can even plan multiple locations if there's ample time - morning at sunrise in one place, and later in the afternoon in another spot! With enough planning and creativity, it's easy to find a place where both you and your maternity photos will shine.

Dress Comfortably but Also Stylishly - You Want to Look Great in Your Photos!

When it comes to preparing for an outdoor maternity photoshoot, what should you wear? The answer is simple: dress comfortably but also stylishly. It's important to put some thought into your outfit, as you want to look great in the photos!

However, finding the right balance between comfort and style can be tricky. Go for fabrics that are breathable and lightweight to keep you feeling comfortable (especially during summer) no matter how warm it gets outside. Opt for something with a bit of shape that defines your baby bump or flows easily. Don't forget colors and patterns too; patterned tops can provide extra dimension so consider working them into your look. Mellow colors like pastels are always classic options while bright colors can provide contrast against nature's backdrop. A long flowing dress/dresses will absolutely look gorgeous during a maternity photo shoot.

No matter what you choose, following these tips will guarantee that you look stylish, classy, and beautiful in all of your maternity photoshoots!

Bring Along Props That Will Add to the Aesthetic of Your Shoot, Like Flowers or a Fancy Hat

Maternity Outdoor Photoshoot

An outdoor maternity photoshoot can be a lot of fun for everyone involved! Moms-to-be get the chance to document some of the best moments as they transition into motherhood, and photographers get to express their creative vision in beautiful ways. To make your shoot even more special and visually appealing, it's always a great idea to bring along props that will add to the aesthetic. Whether you choose something like a selection of vibrant flowers, a gorgeous tulle skirt, or even just a simple yet chic hat or veil—these little details can take your photos to the next level and create truly timeless images that you will cherish forever. So don't forget to sneak in some extra props along with everything else you need for your maternity photoshoot! You may end up with images and memories lasting a lifetime.

Have Fun With It! This Is a Special Time in Your Life, so Enjoy the Photoshoot Process

Outdoor maternity photoshoots are a chance to celebrate the miracle of life, and all of the beauty that comes with it. Whether this is your first pregnancy or you've done it all before, each photoshoot should be an experience of joy and optimism. You don't need a ton of props or unique costume choices to make beautiful maternity photos; the subjects themselves can take center stage. When planning the shoot, make sure to involve the whole family if feasible - nothing captures anticipation for a new addition like the love between a couple!

Don't feel shy about being surrounded by nature during your maternity shoot - let your hair down and embrace your true self! With its abundance of light and beautiful scenery, outdoor locations can create lovely portraits full of texture. Embrace every moment and have fun with it - you'll be happy to have these photos years later when you look back on this special time in your life. Outdoor maternity photoshoots are a wonderful way to create a lasting memory of this wonderful time in your life. So go ahead and create some great images! Have fun during your maternity shoot! This is a special time in your life, so enjoy the photoshoot process and capture some amazing memories along the way.

Be Sure to Get Some Shots of Just You and Your Baby Bump, as Well as Some Family Photos

Maternity photoshoots are a wonderful way to capture all the special moments of your pregnancy and growing family. Outdoors offers a wide variety of background options, allowing you to get some truly beautiful shots. Be sure to include some just with you and your baby bump, as well as some family photos with your partner/husband or other children. The outdoor setting also gives you more freedom to move around, so don't be afraid to find creative poses that really bring out your unique beauty! An outdoor maternity photoshoot can make for some truly stunning memories that will last a lifetime, and if you take the time to plan ahead, you'll have an exhilarating experience that will make for even more gorgeous images. So don't forget - when it comes to capturing these precious memories, be sure to take some solo mom-to-be photos along with those beautiful family shots!


Maternity photoshoots are a wonderful way to document this special time in your life. By following these simple tips during your maternity shoot, you can ensure that you create beautiful photographs which you will be able to look back on for years to come. If you're interested in scheduling your own outdoor maternity photoshoot/pregnancy photo shoot, contact RayCee the Artist today!

-RayCee the Artist

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